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About Us

Mission Statement

Children’s Montessori Language Academy is a community based Montessori school serving young children and their families from two years old to six years old in Hinsdale, IL. We are committed to providing a language rich experience within a Montessori setting.

True to the teachings of Maria Montessori, we believe that each child has an inner potential. This potential extends to the acquisition of languages in the developing child. Relying on the Montessori method, Children’s Montessori Language Academy presents a model which reflects a Montessori approach to education coupled with the current research in language arts and cultural immersion in young children.

In our 2 year old community, we teach Spanish through music and movement. In the 3-6 year old community, children have the opportunity to be fully immersed in a second language; Spanish during the Extended Day Program, and Spanish during the half-day programs. In our 3-6 year old Summer Camp, children learn Spanish through music and movement.

We recognize that the development of language and its components begins before birth, following an observable timeline throughout childhood. We are also aware of the child’s inherent ability to acquire other languages in addition to the primary language of the parent. In conjunction with a fine arts curriculum, Children’s Montessori language Academy’s children are presented with an immersion into the art, heritage, music and language of another culture.